Recognizing sponsors is very important, and should not be overlooked. Attendees are not just the ones that determine the event success.  Your sponsors are just as important as your attendees because they are ones funding it.  They serve as the backbone of your event.  Sponsors are not a one-time deal.  Consider them as one of your important stakeholders.  Build a long-term relationship with them because you want them to have your back for subsequent events.  Make sure you acknowledge and recognize them for their contribution beyond what is listed in the sponsorship brochure.

If the sponsors attend the event, then solicit their feedback.  Schedule a meeting with them or lunch or coffee to talk about the event.  Ask them, what was their overall impression of your event?  Did your organization hold up its end of the bargain?  What can be done to improve the event?  Be open to constructive criticisms because all recommendations will help you improved the process for future engagement.  For sponsors who did not attend the event due to other obligations, inform them of the event success and send a link to the event’s photos and videos.  Keep them engaged and informed them of your activities.  Always be grateful for their support!

Keep in mind, now that you have their attention, don’t just ignore them.  Retention is the key to your future success.  Building a long-term relationship is important because in many ways they are your partners.